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With OrderAssist (formerly known as PLOC) you can easily and quickly calculate your possible trading profit or loss before any order is opened. When calculating, the program includes not only all open positions, but also all stop orders and limit orders that have not yet been filled. You can calculate best-case scenarios and worst-case scenarios, that means you can calculate how big the loss would be in worst case or how much profit can be expected in best case. Moreover, the great advantage is that no position or trade has to be opened for this calculation. So you can calculate in the evening or on the weekend without any stress, whether a trade makes sense from the risk / reward ratio point of view and what the best trade size would be. This makes trade planning as well as money and risk management much easier and more profitable.

In addition, you can place the stop-loss and take-profit visually in the chart before opening a trade. This way you can always be sure that everything is placed in the right spot before starting a trade.

The open risk and profit overview shows you what trades are open on which symbol and how high the possible profit or loss would be.

All functions of the program are explained in the video below. This video is in German but can turn on English subtitles.



Do not forget to turn on foreign language subtitles. How this works is explained here.





OrderAssist is included in the following bundles: MT Tools Collection M or L and GOST Bundle. Alternatively you can buy OrderAssist as standalone program for only 19.95 Euro.

Version history

//| Version history |

- Updated to new ST Build 2834

- Updated to new ST Build 2832

- NEW: Compatibility for StereoTrader 2800 added
- IMPROVED: Risk calculation bug fixed
- IMPROVED: New trial version process

- NEW: Indicator settings: Custom point definition added
- IMPROVED: CopeCart license added
- IMPROVED: Admirals Gold risk calculation fixed

- IMPROVED: License check changed again

- IMPROVED: New license check

- IMPROVED: button size small SEA panels

- IMPROVED: sclaing bug fixed

- NEW: Order size calculation added
- NEW: Order size refresh button added
- IMPROVED: Load settings bug fixed
- IMPROVED: License bug fixed
- IMPROVED: Best case / worst case bug fixed
- IMPROVED: Button size for Order Manager and Open risk panel changed

- NEW: Colored calc button
- NEW: Chance / risk ratio boxes added
- NEW: SL/TP Button added
- NEW: Order manager added
- NEW: Order planning added
- NEW: Open risk / profit panel added

- Bug fix best / worst case label
- First order level line added

- Tooltip BE points more precision now

- Best case / worst case szenario bug fixed
- Best case / worst case commission fixed
- Updated to new API version

- Profit/Loss currency calculation bug fixed
- Buy/Sell, price, size added
- MT4 array sorting bug fixed

- first version