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Performance and profit within 8 weeks

Since version 2.0, GOST is able to trade the trigger lines of the TradersClub-Live addon automatically. With the help of GOST, the TC-Live addon and StereoTraders Strategic Order, I managed to make 100% profit in 8 weeks and doubled my trading account.

The account size was 10,000 Euros at the beginning. After 8 weeks, the net profit was 10,196 Euros. In total 521 trades were made in 36 days. This is an average of 14.5 trades per day. Correspondently, the average profit per day was 283 Euros.

What you need to setup this strategy is described on this page. Updated results and performance of this strategy can be found ▶ here.

I have summarized exactly which settings and setup I used. You can purchase this setup for just € 299,-.

With this setup I present all my settings in detail. For one I show you the exact setup of the original strategy and secondly I explain all settings of the slightly modified version, which has achieved even better results so far. I also show the system in action and dive into position management and account size. Additionally you get access to a private Telegram group.

More information and results can be found here and here.

User testimonials

👉 For me, the system has been running around the clock since Tuesday. In the meantime, the account has grown by 2,300 euros with the use of 3 contracts. 👈

Alex, GOST TC user

👉 I am using Timo’s 24 hour system at my live account. From 05/11 to 05/17 with 0.5 lots (€ 226 profit) and from 05/18 with 1.0 lots (€ 333 profit). So I can not complain.👈

Martin, GOST TC user

👉 Anyone running the TC Levels strategy today? PHENOMENAL!👈

Lars, GOST TC user

👉 Finally a system that works. Thanks Timo!👈

Stephan, GOST TC user

👉 I started today with 0.1 lot at my live account and have directly earned 120 Euros. So it is actually possible to regain the setup fee within a few days.👈

Frank P., GOST TC user

Why does the setup cost money?

Developing such setups and strategies takes a lot of time. All results presented here are not from backtests. Everything happens in real time with real market data. If you change one parameter of the setup, you have to start again from the beginning, otherwise the result would be falsified. The above results are only the (visible) tip of the iceberg. The development and testing of the strategy has already started months ago in painstaking detail work. The above average daily profit was 283 Euros. Thus, the costs of the setup would have been covered already within a few days.

Own setup?

You have your own setup or strategy that you would like to make available to others for free or for a fee? In this case you are welcome to contact me.

Risk disclaimer

The settings presented in this setup reflect my own personal trading setup only. It is just intended to explain the operation of the software and should in no way be taken as a trading instruction, trading recommendation or investment advice. You must make your own trading decisions. Please check with your broker about the risks before you start trading complex financial instruments. You can find a detailed risk notice here or ask your broker.