Since a few weeks now our automatic trading system GOST is running in combination with the TradersClub Live addon (developed by Dirk Hilger). Time for a list of what is needed for this setup:

✅ Reliable broker

First of all, you need a trustworthy and reliable broker with fast execution times. I recommend FXFlat.

✅ MetaTrader

As trading software you need MetaTrader version 4 or 5. You can get it from your broker for free of charge.

✅ StereoTrader

As trading interface you need the StereoTrader. You can get it for free at FXFlat.

✅ TradersClub Live Addon

You need the TradersClub Live Addon by Dirk Hilger. This addon acts as impulse generator and instructs GOST how and in which direction to trade.


GOST is the trading system that executes the trades specified by the TradersClub Live addon.

Your can find more information about this setup in our Facebook-Group.