TToolBox ist ein Indikator vollgepackt mit nützlichen Tools, um Sie bei Ihren täglichen Börsenhandel oder Daytrading zu unterstützen. Mit dem Programm finden Sie optimale Einstiegspunkte und Ausstiegspunkte und es hilft Ihnen zu entscheiden, ob Sie einen Trade eingehen sollten oder nicht. Das Programm hilft Ihnen zu erkennen, welche Trendphase gerade vorliegt und ob eine Trendwende in Sicht ist. Der Indikator arbeitet mit allen Anlageformen wie Indizes (z.B. Dax/Dow Jones), Forex, Futures, CFD oder Aktien. Die Software hat u.a. die folgenden Funktionen (Videotutorials zu den einzelnen Funktionen finden Sie auf unserer Videoseite):

Versions Historie

– Last bars cluster bug fixed
– OB open/close lines smaller
– New logo
– Supertrend bug fixed
– Updated to new ST API version (2612)
– Reset for OLHC error added
– Show specific period only candles added
– Disp2 space between items bug fixed
– License re-check delay added
– MT5 Timeframes for outside bars added
– PointsToPrice / PriceToPoints API changes

– Updated to new API

– Disp2 buttons resized
– Daily ATR Label added
– Close line for outside bar added
– Open/Close label for outside bar added
– Pause button added
– Slot used check added
– CME circuit breaker limits modified to 7%
– Last bars label bug fixed
– Disply 2 visibility bug fixed
– Custom colors for % change window added
– Menu button bug fixed
– Tools Collection L added

– vendor id changed
– version check changed
– master codes activated

– Trial check bug fix

– chart refresh added if new indicator is added
– Set OB timeframe text if no TF is given
– Update for ST release 2607

– Gain / loss value bug fixed
– Buffer check for SEA Activate added
– New daily high / low calculation
– Sound notification for outside bar change added
– Weekly high/low tooltip bug fixed
– Display 2 scaling fixed
– Compatible with ST build 2605

– Back to new SaveSettings / LoadSettings
– Buffer check for SEA Activate

– Back to old SaveSettings / LoadSettings

– OB2 solid linies now (makes MT5 faster)
– Set Host update to false to speed up things
– new URL for Info / Buy button
– float value for supertrend multiplier now possible
– drag and drop for floating windows more responsible now
– Outside bar history is shown if OB1 is checked only now
– New save settings / load settings routine
– Compatible with StereoTrader build 2595 and above

– Limit up / down corrected

– Outside bar break line added (internal use only)
– Limit up, limit down lines added

Update log:
– %CH period label font size fixed
– M10 timeframe for MT5 added
– Option to set possibe BE price
– Second panel (display 2) added
– Supertrend trail added
– OB2 drawing bug fixed
– OB: lower case timeframe accepted now

– Buy button added
– Support for MT Tools Collection Bundle added

– Checked added if license code is used for more than 5 accounts

– Show open/close for daily high/lows
– problem fixed with sunday candles for daily high/lows
– Weekly high /lows added
– Settings dialog added
– Possible BE line added
– time based alarms added
– News importer added
– FBD labels fixed
– Download mttools and nd if not present
– Dialy high / low calculation changed
– % change window added

Update log:
– Trial license update
– Option daily short lines added
– Bugfix if Process-Days and Max-Bars is set to 0

Update log:
– Calculation of daily high/low changed. Correct with AMP now
– indicator is always chart window now
– NOSUPERTREND is obsolete now
– Option to hide timer and Fibo settings
– Panel field for history outside bars added
– Set license to DB added

– Back to ST license check
– ttbox scaling problem fixed (hopefully)

– MessageBox for outdated version added
– Autodetect for outside bar tolerance added

– SEA_Activate added.
– Panel days for daily high/low is now used
– MT Tools Infox .exe added

– Reverted to own license check.

– Updated to new API.

– Updated to new API.

– NOSUPERTREND and NOTIMERS define added.
– TToolBox-NoSupertrend added
– SEAVersionCheck enhanced

– Engulfing calculation slightly changed

– Message Box for license error added
– free trial period added

– License check changed
– Tool tips optimized
– History outside bar bugfixes

– DHL lines are updated every period now
– History outside bar bugfix

– removed static declaration of CBars objects

– Daily low/high is drawn to current time now

– Transparency for outside bar boxes added
– Timer is shown on panel again
– Daily High/Low lines added

– Engulfing added
– Tolerance outside bar atr added
– Reset button added
– Timer is drawn on chart now

– Tolerance for outside bar added
– Outside bar max bar setting added

– Button for all outside bars added (not just last one)
– Check for master license code added

– Buttons and labels changed to work with small sea setting
– Timer inputs added
– Super trend added
– Tooltips added
– Fibo price label removed
– License check added
– Previous day fibo lines ignore weekends now
– Fibo based on days added
– Logo Added
– Version check added